Discovering Digital Health and the Beauty of Australia: My Experience with the Australia Awards Indonesia Short Course

I am beyond excited to have been selected as an awardee for the Digital Health short course from Australia Awards Indonesia!

Can you imagine? A medical doctor with no IT background also had an opportunity to learn about digital health from experts in Australia and Indonesia.

So, here’s the story …

I submitted my application for this program at the deadline date (29 August 2022). I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email for an interview just 3 days before the interview date (19 September 2022). To my delight, I received notification that I had been selected as an awardee on 6 October 2022. Hooray 😃

The course consists of a pre- and post-course workshop in Indonesia and two weeks course in Australia.

During this course, I have gained invaluable knowledge and skills in digital health, which helped me grow professionally and encouraged me to drive digital health initiatives in my province, North Sulawesi.

Moreover, I had the opportunity to expand my network and make new friends from Indonesia and Australia. Meeting people from diverse backgrounds and creating new connections has been fantastic.

But the excitement didn’t stop there – I also had the chance to experience Brisbane and Sydney’s beautiful cultures and landscapes. From the vibrant city life to the stunning beaches and harbors, I have genuinely enjoyed every moment of this fantastic experience.

I am grateful to Australia Awards Indonesia for providing this opportunity and supporting my professional development. Thank you, Helen, Anthony, and Clair; I am grateful to have met three of you and the others as well, the inspiring mentors from the University of Queensland. I also want to thank the other awardees from Indonesia who joined me on this journey; Adi, Bony, Verry, Herry, Lady, Ade, Hanifa, Alvin, Rudy, Semara, Makhyan, Oky, Dili, Yumi, Poppy, Aulia, Yuni, Wisnu, Farida, Novi, Rambu, Nindya, and Jumatil, and also Dion and Uci as course coordinator and welfare officer. It was so much fun learning and experiencing new things together. I am delighted to have met such wonderful people.
This has been an experience that I will always cherish and remember.

Photos on this blog are from personal collections and from friends.

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